Game-Changers: What Is a Shoehorn?

Picture this: it's 8:30 am, and you're running late for work.

You fly down the stairs, and try to jam your feet into your dress shoes, which are sitting at the bottom. But try as you might, you just can't get them on, and the more flustered you become, the more difficult it becomes to get your work shoes to fit.

Worse yet: you finally get them on, but in the process, you've flatted the heel, and it's not the first time you've done it either. As a result, your pristine shoes are showing some early wear.

A shoehorn would've prevented this entire scenario from even happening in the first place.

What is a shoehorn? Keep reading and we'll tell you all about it.

What Is a Shoehorn?

If you’ve never seen one before, picture an elongated tool that’s curved in nature. A shoehorn can range from 4 to 31 inches long, with a narrower bit towards the top middle. Shoehorns are commonly kept conveniently next to your shoe rack, so you can grab and go.

They were originally made from horn (hence the name) but now come in all sorts of different materials; metal and plastic are common varieties. However, you'll find other materials such as wood, bone, silver, shell, or ivory!

First used centuries ago, the method of using a shoe horn is simple. Place it into the back (otherwise known as the ‘counter’) of the shoe with the curve ready to cradle your heel.

With loosened laces, put your toes into the front of the shoe and slide your heel down the horn.

And voila, the shoe is now on your foot, with no sore heels, scuff marks, or crumpled counters.

Why Not Just Use My Fingers?


When you don't use a shoehorn to put your shoes on, you usually have to manipulate your hands and fingers to get the opening just right to slip your foot in and to get your shoe to stay on. This can result in smashed and jammed fingers, not to mention a high degree of irritability.

The time it takes for you to grab the shoehorn, put it into your shoe, put your foot in, remove the shoehorn, and hang it back up will be much shorter than struggling with your footwear. Plus, it'll leave you in a much better mood!

Plus, with some special footwear (like hightop sneakers or boots), you'd have to unlace the shoes before you can put them on. But with a shoehorn, you can skip that step. Simply stick the shoehorn in and guide your feet in!

Get Yourself a Shoehorn Today

With just a small investment in these handy tools, you can not only save time, but you can also prolong the life of your footwear.

So stop stressing yourself out in the mornings and maintain how good your dress shoes look. A shoehorn or two will improve your life drastically!

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