Shoe Horn 101: Why You Need One

There’s no denying it:

We’re a nation of shoe-lovers.

Indeed, on average, people in the US own 19 pairs of them! Dig around in your closet and we’d bet good money that you’d find shoes for every occasion.

Running shoes, hiking shoes, casual shoes, work shoes, dress shoes, sandals… The list goes on and on.

Some of them you’ll use a lot, and some of them just a little. However, each pair plays its part. They’re probably worth a lot of money too!

Owning (and using!) a shoe horn is one of the simplest ways to ensure your treasured footwear stays in good shape. Better still, it helps you put them on with greater ease as well.

Want to learn more about the benefits of shoe horns?

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5 Reasons for Using a Shoe Horn

Now let’s turn to the benefits of using a shoe horn. Here are 5 reasons everybody who loves their shoes should own one:

1. Shoe Protection

A lot goes into proper shoe maintenance.

Everything from regular cleaning to appropriate storage is required to keep them in top condition. As we mentioned earlier, though, the manner of putting the shoes on your feet is just as important.

Unfortunately, many people fail in this regard.

People make mistakes by leaving laces done up, forcing feet into shoes, and compromising the structural integrity in the process. Materials scuff and crumple; seams are stretched and torn. In time, the heel counter (here’s more on the anatomy of a shoe) can break entirely.

All over the country, people are abusing their shoes unnecessarily!

Their aesthetic and functional qualities suffer.

Thankfully, though, using a shoe horn prevents such damage. Footwear has a chance to last longer as a result.

2. Financial Savings

It's worth remembering that replacing damaged shoes isn't cheap!

After all, quality footwear comes with a hefty price tag.

A pair of shoes from high-end brands can set you back hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars. Imagine footwear of this variety getting damaged within days or weeks of buying them!

Needing to buy replacements is money down the drain and a recipe for bitter disappointment.

It goes without saying, then, that safeguarding your investment makes sense.

As we’ve seen, using a shoe horn makes it easier to put on your shoes without damaging them. You’ll be able to use your footwear for longer without having to spend money on replacements.

3. Aesthetic Incentives

Money isn’t everything though.

Most of us are concerned with the aesthetic side of things too.

Sure, we want footwear to be practical, but it also has to look good! Whether it’s for work, nights out, hot dates, or just to feel confident in your appearance, beautiful shoes are always an asset.

Scuff marks, faded colors, crinkled materials, and an altogether weathered appearance are less than ideal.

Unfortunately, they’re all common occurrences with peoples’ shoes.

Of course, a certain level of wear and tear are to be expected. It’s impossible to wear a pair of shoes on a regular basis and keep them looking pristine.

Looking after them properly will help preserve their visual attributes. Using a shoe horn will slow the demise of your footwear and keep it in top condition for longer.

4. Ease and Convenience

Shoes aren’t always easy to put on.

You might have left the laces tied, or your feet might have swollen in the heat. Whatever the reason, getting them onto your foot can, on occasion, be problematic. You kick, squirm and wiggle your feet around to get them fitting correctly!

Until they fit right, shoes can be uncomfortable and even painful to wear.

Using a horn makes the process simple each and every time. Some shoe horns are long enough that you don’t even have to bend over or sit down to use them. Your feet slide into place with ease, with no strain put on any part of the body.

That’s good news for people with mobility issues.

The elderly, for example, often lack the flexibility to bend over and put their shoes on. Using a horn restores their capacity to do so without assistance.

5. Cheap and Cheerful

Do you want to know the best part?

All of the aforementioned benefits of shoe horns are available at minimal expense. Shoe horns come in a wide variety of styles and materials. None of them, though, will break the bank!

In other words, the return on investment for buying one is enormous.

Your shoes will last longer and look better over time; you’ll save money on costly replacements and repairs.

And all that thanks to a simple and inexpensive instrument that’s been used for years. Talk about value for money!

Now You Know All About Shoe Horns

Most of us have more than our fair share of shoes at home.

None of us want to see them looking and feeling subpar on our feet! Thankfully, using a shoe horn is one easy way to ensure that doesn’t happen. Better still, you’ll no longer struggle to get your shoes on in the morning.

Are you ready to invest in one? We’ve got you covered. Click here to see the shoe horns we have on offer.